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Find incident evidence 10x faster with PromptOps

Harness the power of AI in your incident response to capture conversations and data around each incident. Create end-to-end IR processes directly from Slack.

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Goodbye manual copy-paste incident evidence

PromptOps can generate documentation around each incident — a timeline of failures, the people involved, the resolution, and corrective actions—based on your Slack conversations. View and share your automatically generated post-mortem in Confluence or Google Docs.

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Add context to incident details

You can retrieve metrics, logs, and other metadata around your system topology along with charts to help with investigations.

Create Jira tickets automatically

Automatically create Jira tickets based on the change implementation discussed in your incident response channel.

Enhanced understanding to increase IR effectiveness

  • Teach PromptOps-specific IR details
  • Import context by URL
  • Plug in ticketing, monitoring, and more
  • Private and secure