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Anyone who wants to make their workflow quicker and easier. We’ll clarify how PromptOps does exactly this and take you through the necessary steps to set up your new in-Slack assistant.

About this guide

New to PromptOps? Learn the basics to kickstart this upgrade to your workflow. In this guide you will learn:

✔︎ How PromptOps works: AI-powered tools as your teammate

✔︎ What PromptOps can do with you

✔︎ How to set up PromptOps

AI-powered tools and workflow

PromptOps is powered by the technology of ChatGPT. This AI (more specifically, language learning models or “LLMs”) can instantly process and analyze large amounts of text to predict and connect information together. For PromptOps, this looks like processing the text in conversations or documents in your team knowledge base. PromptOps therefore relies on the context provided by you, and generates responses in tune with your team’s work.

What can PromptOps do?

  • Semantic search: forget about scrolling through team messages or sifting through documents for answers to a question you have — PromptOps will do this for you, and in a matter of seconds. By linking your questions to your team’s knowledge base, PromptOps will provide not only a response with linked references but also follow-up questions. It’s all speed and simplicity from here.
  • /store conversations: by simply enacting the “/store” command, your conversations with teammates will get saved as a summarized document (not just a transcription!) into your team’s integrated document store. This expands the information base PromptOps can reference when answering questions, decluttering communications, and lightening the cognitive load.
  • DraftBot & BehalfBot: DraftBot will automatically draft responses to your teammates by incorporating your knowledge base, conversations, and the edits you make. Taking in feedback from your edits means these drafts will become more reflective of your writing style and knowledge! Paired with BehalfBot, you can even have these messages sent automatically for you without manual work.


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