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What is PromptOps?

PromptOps is a chatbot that empowers your DevOps teams to turn rote tickets into automated workflows. PromptOps lets you create workflows to cover everything from incident management to full-stack observability. PromptOps turns these workflows into one-click automation triggered by a prompt that is stored for you and your team. Best of all? No query languages are required.

How does PromptOps work?

PromptOps pulls context from across all of your favorite tools to provide the most relevant information and generate workflows.

What are some use cases that PromptOps can handle?

Using PromptOps, you can automate almost any of your workflows. For example, you could set up automated alerting to run an investigation when your team receives a PagerDuty alert fires.

Prompt example:

💬 “Automate alerting. Run an investigation automatically when your PagerDuty alert is fired”

Is PromptOps available anywhere besides Slack?

Currently, we only offer PromptOps through Slack as SlackBot. We’re working hard to make PromptOps available in other environments like Teams, CLI, APIs, and Web.

You can message us directly through our Twitter account or email us here and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

How can I get started with PromptOps?

If you’re ready to try PromptOps in your workspace, feel free to connect with us to get early access. During our white glove onboarding, we’ll get you set up and provide a list of personalized prompts and suggested workflows.

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How much does PromptOps cost?

For teams who are signing up for our early access program, we are currently offering our entire feature set for free along with white glove onboarding to get your first workflows set up.