Our CLI will keep you from ever leaving your terminal again!

Introducing Um, the ultimate tool for harnessing the incredible power of ChatGPT without ever having to leave your terminal! Are you ready to experience a new level of automation and efficiency in your tasks? Look no further, because Um is here to revolutionize the way you work!

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Empower Collaborative Efficiency in Your Terminal

Share your command history
with your teammates

Bring new team members up to speed and improve productivity

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Create and share recipes to speed up your development process

Get Context Aware Shell Scripts

Let um decode your needs into the perfect shell command. By synthesizing your bash history, cheat sheets, and GPT-4 intelligence, 'um' delivers context-aware scripts designed for your tasks.

Um can index a variety of data sources for you and your team. Lost context from hard to find documentation is a problem of the past.

Streamline Workflows With Recipes

Transform complex tasks into manageable steps with Recipes. Leveraging the ingenuity of GPT-4, 'um' generates iterative solutions for complex tasks such as managing DevOps infrastructure in AWS, GCP, or Azure.

Share and reuse these recipes across your team, optimizing efficiency and promoting collaborative problem-solving.

Foster Collaboration with Context-Sharing

Break down silos with 'um's context-sharing feature. Seamlessly share your shell command context with teammates, enabling swift synchronization and streamlined collaboration. With 'um', teamwork becomes a breeze in the world of terminals.

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Using pip (preferred)

Make sure you have python 3.10 or more recent

pip3 install promptops

Using homebrew (MacOS only)

brew install promptops/promptops/promptops-cli